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  • Remote I/O system for better performance. Simplified. u-remote
  • Up to 64 module supported with one fieldbus coupler, up to 32 connections per module possible
  • It‘s a feature you‘ll only find with u-remote: a separate I/O supply via two highly robust 10 A current paths
  • hot-swap-capable with slimmest design in the market (11.5mm)
  • Integrated safety without a safety control: u-remote safe power-feed modules
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Remote I/O System – Weidmüller

  • With a module width of just 11.5 mm, u-remote is thinner than any other remote I/O system. And because intelligent miniaturization even creates space for more innovations, it now comes with up to 32 connections per module. So you have space left over for flexibility and solutions that save money.
  • Up to 32 connections on just one module – that‘s got to be a world record! Connecting eight individually pluggable 4-conductor sensors in the tightest of spaces is child‘s play. And you even reduce the number of I/O modules required for signal connection.
  • The system may be at a standstill, but communication is still ongoing: u-remote is completely hot-swap-capable. Replace the electronics without the need to switch off the I/O system. A safe solution to keep machine downtimes as short as possible.
  • The integrated u-remote web server enables start-up in sections even before machinery is commissioned. Shorten downtimes by making use of fast error identification with plain-text diagnostics
  • You can localize errors instantly with an LED directly on the channel and status indicators on every module. An indispensable benefit for secure commissioning and rapid system maintenance.
  • Remote I/O system supports fieldbus protocols: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, ModbusTCP, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, CANopen, POWERLINK, CC-Link, CC-Link IE TSN and IEC 61162-450
  • Implement safety solutions by connecting them to the control. All you have to do is simply position them directly upstream of the corresponding standard output modules. And that’s without the need for costly safety PLCs featuring appropriate outputs or the additional use of safety relays. By safely shutting down the output current path, you switch off actuators selectively and, at the same time, keep the sensors fully active. You can therefore send the machine status to the control at any time, and it quickly takes over the restart operation once the problem has been rectified.

Remote I/O System - Weidmüller Product

Key features

  • Up to 32 connections on just one module, up to 64 I/O module with 1 coupler
  • Separate I/O supply with two highly robust 10 A current paths
  • With a module width of just 11.5 mm, u-remote is thinner than any other I/O system
  • Hot-swap-capable
  • Diagnostics via integrated web server
  • Error diagnosis on each channel

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Application areas

  • Electrolysis, Fuel Cells, Gas Turbines, Batteries, Storage, Hydrogen Refueling Stations

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