Hydrogen Tanks
Find and compare hydrogen tanks from leading B2B suppliers with technical specifications. Hydrogen tanks are mainly divided into 4 categories, namely Type I, Type II, Type III and Type IV. The Type-I tanks are made up of metal (steel/aluminium). In Type-II tanks there is a filament winding around the metal cylinder (aluminium) mainly consisting of material such as glass fibre/aramid or carbon fibre. Type-III tanks consist of composite material, fibreglass, aluminium/aramid or carbon fibre with an aluminium or steel metal liner. TypeIV tanks are composite tanks of carbon fibre with a polymer liner (thermoplastic). Sometime the different type of hydrogen cylinders are also called Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 or Type 4 hydrogen tanks. Hydrogen can be stored either as a gas or as a liquid in these tanks, however care must be taken to consider the physical characteristics of the various tanks types so as to best match the storage requirements for the intended application.

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