Hydrogen Refueling Stations
Find and compare hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) from leading B2B suppliers with technical specifications. By definition, a hydrogen refueling station is a technical device with which the on-board hydrogen storage of hydrogen vehicles or systems can be replenished. A hydrogen refueling station has a storage tank which can be above or below ground. Hydrogen refueling often requires providing hydrogen gas at high-pressure, therefore powerful compressors are integrated into the HRS. They then route the highly pressured hydrogen to the nozzle for purposes of refueling the vehicle with up to 700 bar or, in other cases, 350 bar. The hydrogen refueling process is constantly monitored electronically. The refueling process stops once the pressure reaches 700 bar (H70) respectively 350 bar (H35). Some hydrogen filling stations are dual-pressure stations, serving both H35 and H70 refueling. In some applications liquid hydrogen (LH2) may also be supplied from hydrogen refueling stations.

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