Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We are driven to deliver on the three main brand

  • Transparency: We bring transparency to the Hydrogen economy
  • Better and faster Growth: Our digital solutions help this industry grow better and faster.
  • Going Green: In this way we help the world go green.

Our Vision

We believe that over time most professionals in the hydrogen economy will start their product searches on Hyfindr.

How it all started

We previously engaged in a project and were pushing hard to develop a fuel cell system. During the product development, we needed to find a hydrogen blower that fits in the available space of the designed system and that provides the performance needed. As our fuel cell system would not even make it to the testing stage as a prototype without a properly fitting hydrogen blower we ended up engaging the entire project team to find a fitting hydrogen blower.

We all made many phone calls, did significant internet researches and asked other colleagues for ideas and help. It took us nearly six weeks to find the needed hydrogen blower which in the end secured the project's success.

Having gone through this painful process we asked ourselves: Why isn't there a marketplace where hydrogen professionals can find available components for hydrogen systems online?

Quite frankly - we did not know by that time. We talked to other professionals and received their confirmation that such a marketplace is needed. We decided to act.

In 2021, we founded Hyfindr GmbH with the target to establish the leading B2B marketplace for hydrogen systems and components. Our website is rapidly growing with thousands of visitors every day. Hyfindr enables finding products based on technical specifications in seconds.

We believe that we can make a significant impact with our broad network into the hydrogen economy. We want to solve the problem for others that we experienced ourselves.





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