Management Team

What drives us:

We are driven to serve the hydrogen industry. Our digital solutions help business to thrive in the industry grow better, faster globally. By growing the hydrogen economy we support the world go green.

Our Values

  • We are ambitious and mission driven.
  • Our solutions are remarkable and innovative.
  • We take ownership and deliver real customer value.
  • We are kind and embrace our diversity.
  • We help others grow

We would love to introduce ourselves to you.


Steven Oji

Co-Founder & Managing Director

“As a developer of fuel cell systems for several years, I know how hard it is to find reliable and fitting components for hydrogen systems. I believe that component suppliers are keen on scaling up their products. I am committed to help both, developers and suppliers.”

Dr. Björn Lüssow

Co-Founder & Managing Director

“Being in the automotive industry for more than 15 years shaping cooperations, M&A transactions and H2 infrastructure projects, I am confident to have the network and experience to connect relevant market participants in the hydrogen economy to grow the Hyfindr marketplace.”

Michael Waller

Director Customer Success & Sales

“Marketplaces are incremental elements of mature industries. I am driven to help our customers to successfully use this sales and purchase channel for their business. Prior to working with Hyfindr I ran two e-commerce companies for 30 years. I know how digital processes can connect businesses in a growing industry. ”

Hafiz Abdul Rahman

Head of Software Development

“I implemented many solutions in my professional career as a software engineer in the past 17 years, including large scale software solutions for leading B2B websites. It is inspiring to embark on a journey to grow the leading B2B platform specifically designed for the hydrogen economy. I am experiencing daily how trustful and agile our team works together to bring outstanding digital innovations to this important new industry.”







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