Multiple Element Hydrogen Gas Containers (MEGC)

by Cylinders Holding a.s.

  • Multiple element hydrogen gas containers consists of 6 sections
  • 300 bar working pressure
  • Storage Volume: 350 kg (H2)
  • Compliant with PED, ADR, RID, IMDG
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Multiple element hydrogen gas containers (MEGC)

  • Multiple Element Gas Containers are used to transport large volumes of technical gases: CNG and hydrogen.
  • The construction and connection of cylinders in containers conform to ADR, RID, IMDG.
  • These solutions are unified according to the dimensional standards of shipping container or AB-Roll shipping containers.

Key features

  • Unlimited stackable system
  • Working pressure 300 bar
  • Climatic conditions,
    • Standard temperature between -20 to +65°C
    • Polar temperature between -40 to +65°C
  • Approval: stationary PED
  • Total water volume: 15.272 Liter
  • Total weight tara: 28.050 kg
  • Storage Volume: 350 kg (H2)
  • Cylinders dimension: 166/360/11,6
  • Container dimension: 2591 x 2438 x 6058 mm
  • Container consists of: 6 sections

Application areas

  • Storage solution to store hydrogen in stationary applications in,
    • Automotive industry, Filling stations
    • Aviation, Laboratory etc.

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Dimensions259.1 × 243.8 × 605.8 cm
Nom. Oper. Pressure (in bar)

Max Storage (in kg H2)

Volume Water equival. (in L)

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Compliant with


Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

Technology Readiness (TRL)

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      Cylinders Holding a.s.

      Cylinders Holding is the biggest producer of seamless steel tube cylinders and are producing cylinders since 1906. Their main product are seamless steel cylinders in all different sizes and pressures. Cylinders Holding are the only manufactures on the market who can produce cylinders with working pressure up to 1000 bar. They are located in Ostrava, it is in the east of Czech Republic. They offer different storage solutions for hydrogen and also offer cylinders for all kind of gases.

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