Hydrogen Transportation Trailer HyFill Bulk Tridum 520

by BayoTech Inc.

  • Hydrogen Transportation Trailer HyFill Bulk Tandem 520 (H2 capacity 752 kg, 520 bar)
  • Refill customer storage cylinders directly on-site and avoid the complicated logistics of swapping and transporting empty cylinder packs.
  • With larger payloads more sites can be refueled per trip lowering transportation costs and maximizing driver productivity.
  • Utilizing higher payloads per trailer means fewer delivery trips, lowering emissions from transportation and delivery.
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BayoTech’s hydrogen transportation trailer HyFill Bulk

  • BayoTech is an established leader in the design and manufacture of high-pressure, cylinder-based gas storage and delivery equipment. Our high-capacity gas transport trailers carry up to three times more per load than traditional steel- tube trailers. Higher payload means more sites can be refueled from each trailer, lowering transportation costs and increasing driver productivity.
  • Composite cylinders provide a lightweight, high-pressure package for storing compressed gases with pressure up to 7,500 psig. Compact 27’ trailers carrying 500 kilograms of hydrogen are designed to fit tight spaces and are ideal for delivery to hydrogen refueling stations. Larger 40’ and 52’ trailers maximize payloads carrying 750 kilograms of hydrogen or more per load for industrial gas delivery.
  • Cylinders are fitted with a proprietary valve controlled via a pneumatic actuator. An operator control panel allows access to specific cylinder rows at ground level, enabling cascade filling without climbing the trailer bed. This technique enables the filling of significantly more storage tanks to higher fill pressures and greater hydrogen optimization from the transport trailer.
  • Best in class safety features include emergency shutdown systems, thermally-activated pressure relief devices, and welded manifold connections to mitigate potential manifold leaks.


  • Pod-mounted cylinders for flexible capacity
  • Lightweight, high-capacity Type III cylinders (aluminum liner wrapped in carbon fiber; non-permeable liner)
  • Compact footprint for easy access to refueling sites
  • Allows for cascade filling
  • Industry-leading safety features
  • High temperature cylinders (up to 120°C)

Hydrogen Transportation Trailer Variants

Hydrogen Transportation Trailer Variants

Application areas

  • Industrial gas delivery
  • Delivery/storage for hydrogen refueling stations
  • Mobile refueler for hydrogen storage packs

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Hydrogen Trailer Solution


Weight28556 kg
Dimensions1200 × 240 × 360 cm
Max Storage (in kg H2)

Volume Water equival. (in L)

Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

Technology Readiness (TRL)

Nom. Tank Pressure (in bar)

HyFill Product Specification

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      BayoTech is an innovator in hydrogen solutions and committed to addressing the global need for reliable, cost-effective, and low-carbon hydrogen. BayoTech sites hydrogen production close to demand and distributes it to nearby consumers via high-pressure gas transport and storage equipment. Customers are accelerating the decarbonization of their energy and transportation systems through BayoTech’s supply of hydrogen production units, molecules, sale and lease of equipment, and zero-emission power solutions.

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