Hydrogen Transportation Module GTM800-450

by BayoTech Inc.

  • Hydrogen Trailer GTM800-450 (H2 capacity 73 kg, 450 bar)
  • The hydrogen transportation module GTM meets your fuel cell vehicle or generator on-site, for quick refueling whenever and wherever it’s needed.
  • BayoTech offers competitive rental, lease and purchase programs to match your business requirements.
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BayoTech’s hydrogen transportation module GTM

  • Rely on BayoTech’s GTM series for flexible hydrogen supply. The lightweight, compact trailers are available for purchase, lease or rental. Easily transported by standard pickup truck, the trailer can meet your fuel cell vehicle on location whether that be the test track, at the depot or on route. Fuel cell vehicles are refueled directly from the GTM trailer without additional infrastructure. Once depleted, hydrogen supply is replenished from our network of distributed hydrogen production hubs.
  • GTMs rely on bundles of high-pressure Type III cylinders “manifolded” together to a common fill/discharge load port(s). The composite cylinders provide a lightweight, high-pressure package for storing compressed gases with pressure up to 6,525 psig. The gas transport modules provide customers a small, lightweight alternative for carrying large volumes of hydrogen without requiring CDL/HazMat licensed drivers.
  • Best in class safety features include emergency shutdown systems, thermally-activated pressure relief devices, and welded manifold connections to mitigate potential manifold leaks.
  • We specialize in innovation to the point of designing and manufacturing the best valves and transport modules in the industry. This innovation is driven by listening to our customers and being a solution provider, not just another vendor. Call us to see how we can help you and your organization.
  • Hydrogen trailer variants:
    • Hydrogen Transportation Module GTM1500-450
    • Hydrogen Transportation Module GTM800-450
  • Any 450 bar product has a 350 bar option


  • Orbitally welded, stainless manifold to reduce leaks (60% less leak points)
  • Glass-bulb thermal protection technology
  • 1/4-turn ball, cylinder valves (high-flow capabilities)
  • Control/storage cabinet
  • Pressure and leak checked prior to delivery
  • Fully welded steel frame
  • Telemetry system (GPS location and GTM pressure)
  • Customizable discharge panels and cylinder configurations
  • Strong customer service team, training, and post-sale support
  • Longest warranties in the industry
  • On-site DOT cylinder retest facility

Application areas

  • Industrial gas delivery
  • Direct refueling of fuel cell vehicles and equipment

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We have the right hydrogen trailer solution for you!

Hydrogen Trailer Solution

Weight3474.51 kg
Dimensions604.52 × 259.08 × 162.56 cm
Max Storage (in kg H2)

Nom. Tank Pressure (in bar)

Volume Water equival. (in L)

Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

Technology Readiness (TRL)

Technical datasheet

Hydrogen Transportation Module GTM800-450_technical datasheet

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      BayoTech Inc.

      BayoTech is an innovator in hydrogen solutions and committed to addressing the global need for reliable, cost-effective, and low-carbon hydrogen. BayoTech sites hydrogen production close to demand and distributes it to nearby consumers via high-pressure gas transport and storage equipment. Customers are accelerating the decarbonization of their energy and transportation systems through BayoTech’s supply of hydrogen production units, molecules, sale and lease of equipment, and zero-emission power solutions.

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