H2BASE: Easily Transportable Energy Generator Utilizing H2 fuel cell

by DEVINN s.r.o.

  • Mobile independent source of electrical and thermal energy using hydrogen fuel cell
  • Reliable alternative to diesel generators with zero emissions, ideal as a primary or backup energy source
  • Integrated fuel cell with power of 25 kW; power scalable by adding more modules
  • Hydrogen storage with capacity of 230 kWh; capacity scalable by adding more modules
  • Wireless remote control – instant monitoring of performance, functions or fuel amounts
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 H2BASE: easily transportable energy generator utilizing H2 fuel cell

  • H2BASE is first-of-their-kind hydrogen energy generator system designed to be easily transportable and scalable.
  • Utilizing a 25 kW fuel cell, H2BASE is a no-emission, low noise and vibration green alternative for diesel generators.
  • Introduced in 2020, H2BASE was successfully used in several real-life situation and is past its prototype and testing stages, ready to enter the market.
  • H2BASE is unique in its mobility: built on a EUR-pallet base providing transportability by a simple pallet truck available in every warehouse
  • The system can be equipped with outputs covering your needs perfectly – from 230 & 400 V to 90 kW DC CCS charger
  • Able to create 230 kWh of electricity and 230 kWh of heat.
  • The system is divided into three modules: M1 for hydrogen storage, M2 creating power in a fuel cell and M3 with control unit and outputs.
  • All three modules are placed on an EUR-pallet, weighing under 700 kg each.
  • The system is equipped with 100 kW battery to cover energy peaks.


  • Zero emissions, the only emission is demineralized water.
  • Very low noise and vibration emission.
  • Agile administration provided by instant online monitoring.
  • Hydrogen and fuel cell modules can be multiplied to increase power or capacity.
  • Carbon-based hydrogen storage guarantees the most complex safety standards.
  • Modular & scalable energy source. Individual power & capacity settings. Passenger car version also available.


Three different modules exist for the H2 base as listed below:

  • M1-Hydrogen Storage Module: Hydrogen pressure of 500bars and single module stores 14.1kg of hydrogen (230kWh for an electric output).
  • M2-Module with Fuel Cell: Nominal Electric power of 25KW and peak of 30KW power.
  • M3-Output Module: Includes 8, 5 kWh auxiliary battery (starting up the system, covering for the peaks), performance of 100 kW.

Application areas

  • Off-grid energy supply or grid-connected for grid support
  • Ideal as a primary or backup replacement of diesel generators
  • Thanks to no emissions and no noise, H2BASE is ideal as an energy source for town or outdoor events
  • Ready to serve as a fast and mobile charging station for EVs
  • Great as a backup energy supply for data centers, construction sites or warehouses

Contact us!

  • Contact us and tell us about your requirements. Our team help you with the suitable H2 Base Module based on your requirement.
Weight3500 kg
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      DEVINN is a Czech development company centered around its founder and CEO Luboš Hajský. As a stable partner of ŠKODA AUTO, the company has more than 7 years of expertise in innovation and development in multiple technical fields.  

      In 2019 DEVINN started challenging the hydrogen application market and was able to develop multiple projects utilizing hydrogen as a fuel. The company's current focus is the technical and business development of their mobile hydrogen-based energy generator H2BASE aiming to substitute conventional generators burning fossil fuels. 

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