Hydrogen Dispenser – Hydrogen Smart Fueller (HSF) 700 bar

  • Our hydrogen dispenser (Smart Fueller 700 bar) provides safe and reliable refueling of all kinds of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), in particular for cars.
  • Affordable solution for your hydrogen refueling application
  • Remarkable layout for easy and safe handling of the dispenser
  • TÜV certified and well-established control software safely operates more than 100 stations worldwide
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Hydrogen Dispenser – Hydrogen Smart Fueller (HSF) 700 bar

  • Stand-Alone Dispensing unit for safe and reliable gaseous hydrogen refueling
  • Easy operation via daylight Touchscreen and push buttons
  • TK 17 refueling equipment with Infrared Communication (others on request)
  • All state-of-the-art refueling protocols are implemented (e.g., SAE® J2601, JPEC, …)
  • Refueling protocols can be adapted to your specific requirements
  • All necessary equipment of a hydrogen refueling station (e.g., compressor, storage, cooling system, ….) can be implemented into control software for highly efficient and economical operation.
  • Remote maintenance enables quick support in case of malfunction.
  • Integration of Calibrated flow meter for connection to existing POS-Systems (IFSF protocol)
  • POS-Terminal for cashless payment can be integrated (e.g., Credit-/Debit card)


  • Pneumatic supply: Dry air, max. pressure of 10 bar (approx. 15 Nl per refueling process)
  • Refueling equipment: WEH TK17 35MPa or 70MPa with IR (others on request)
  • Refueling protocols: All state-of-the-art protocols are implemented (SAE J2601, JPEC). Customized protocols can be implemented on request
  • Pressure protection: 425 bar or 825 bar (depends on refueling pressure)
  • Remote maintenance: Integrated router, accessible via SIM-card
  • Safety valve is provided

Application areas

  • You can use the hydrogen dispenser everywhere and anytime you have to refuel a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) with gaseous hydrogen.
  • Cars, buses, trucks, excavators, forklifts, AGVs (automated guided vehicles), ships, trains, planes, drones

Recent use cases

  • SASA Bolzano, 2 pieces for refueling of buses

Wolftank Hydrogen Dispenser at Hydrogen Refueling Station Bolzano

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  • We are your partner in hydrogen refueling and would love to hear your requirements.
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Hydrogen Smart Refueler


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    Energizing the future - Wolftank Group is a globally active, leading technology company for energy and environmental solutions. With decades of experience in refueling technology, we build and service energy stations for traditional fuels, natural gas, hydrogen and electricity. Additionally, as leading player in environmental services, we develop solutions for soil and water remediation as well as for direct waste management. Our proprietary resin coatings for tanks and pipes ensure that the environment stays safe.


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