NEA|HOFER TKH Hydrogen Piston Compressor


  • Hydraulically driven hydrogen piston compressor
  • Designed and manufactured for oil-, leakage- and technically abrasion-free compression to fuel hydrogen vehicle tanks of 1,000 bar max
  • For the compression of non-corrosive gases, such as hydrogen, helium, argon, nitrogen, carbon-dioxide and ethylene
  • For small volume flows and high pressures, as e.g. required for light vehicle fuel stations
  • Perfect complement to ensure flexibility of demand and energy security with H2
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NEA|HOFER TKH Hydrogen Piston Compressor

  • NEA|HOFER hydrogen piston compressors are available either as complete units, including a base frame, a power unit, pulsation dampers, coolers, (automatically or manually-operated) valves, instruments and a control unit (optional), – or without peripheral equipment, ready to be installed in your system.
  • All NEA|HOFER hydrogen piston compressors are subjected to a test run under load at NEA|HOFER, during which the operating data are recorded and documented.

Key features

  • Maximum discharge pressure of approx. 3,000 bar (45,000 psi)
  • For start-stop applications (volatile scenarios)
  • Number of strokes per minute easily to be controlled via the hydraulic control unit to ensure efficient capacity control
  • Exceptionally easy to maintain: piston packing to be replaced in 10 to 30 minutes depending on compressor size
  • Hydraulic unit is connected through a gastight wall.
  • Explosion-proof hydraulic units available on special request
  • Small footprint
  • Due to the arrangement of stages above one another, ideally suited for the installation in containers

Application areas

  • Hydrogen services
  • Hydrogen refueling stations

Project cases

  • Since 2005 for H2 services and HRS with more than 100 units installed in Europe, Asia and North America to refuel mainly light vehicles and buses.
  • Installation for HRS to refuel busses during Olympic Winter Games in 2002
  • Market leader in installations for HRS of light verhicles in South Korea

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      Founded in 1830, for about a century NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP has been supplying H2 compressor units to industry. Today NEA is a one-stop shop for Integrated Solutions along the H2 Value Chain. The portfolio includes electrolyzers, reformers, compressors, HRS and many other solutions covering generation, distribution and storage. Customers benefit from an OEM with decades of H2 expertise and receive support throughout the lifecycle of a decarbonization project: from greenfield studies, through engineering and manufacturing, to digital integration and 360° service during operation as well as brokerage of green gases.

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