NEA Hydrogen Piston Compressor


  • High pressure hydrogen piston compressor
  • Comprehensive portfolio in 1-, 2-, 4- 6- and 8-cranks
  • Designs in vertical, horizontal and V-types
  • 1,000 bar max. discharge pressure
  • 100,000 m3/h max. volume flow
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NEA Hydrogen Piston Compressor

  • Hydrogen is the fuel with the highest energy content per weight. The density of hydrogen in atmospheric conditions is only at 90 grams per cubic meter.
  • In order to achieve usable levels of energy density, efficient compression of hydrogen is essential. NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP with far more than 100 years of experience in hydrogen compression offers a broad portfolio of hydrogen compressors.
  • If high quantities of oil-free hydrogen are needed, the many thousand-fold proven and tested dry running NEA API 618 piston compressors are the answer. Far more than 10 Megawatts of drive power can efficiently be used to fulfill any hydrogen compression requirement.
  • If traces of oil are allowed in the gas, discharge pressures in the range of more than 600 bar (9,000 PSI) are possible with lubricated compression. For high volume flows and high pressures, the combination NEA Piston stages with diaphragm heads on a “hybrid” compressor offers a veritable hydrogen compressor solution.

Key features

  • Lube and non-lube designs
  • Excellent quietness in running
  • For high flow demands of more than 10 tons of H2 per day
  • Also for 500 bar discharge pressure operating oil-free

System video


Application areas

  • Hydrogen pipeline
  • Cavern storage
  • Hydrogen gas filling station
  • Gas grid feed in
  • LOHC

Project cases

  • More than 5,000 operating process gas compressors world-wide

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      Founded in 1830, for about a century NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP has been supplying H2 compressor units to industry. Today NEA is a one-stop shop for Integrated Solutions along the H2 Value Chain. The portfolio includes electrolyzers, reformers, compressors, HRS and many other solutions covering generation, distribution and storage. Customers benefit from an OEM with decades of H2 expertise and receive support throughout the lifecycle of a decarbonization project: from greenfield studies, through engineering and manufacturing, to digital integration and 360° service during operation as well as brokerage of green gases.

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