EFOY Pro 12000 Duo Fuel Cell System (500 W)

by SFC Energy AG

  • 100% reliable Direct Methanol Fuel Cell System
  • Reliable power for weeks and months without user intervention
  • For continuous and hybrid operation (e.g. solar)
  • Environmentally friendly and quiet
  • Remote surveillance with EFOY Cloud
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EFOY Pro 12000 Duo fuel cell system (500 W)

  • EFOY Fuel Cells are the ideal power generators for a wide range of stationary and mobile applications.
  • They generate electricity reliably for weeks and months without user intervention. The modular concept allows for a configuration that is customizable to your requirements.
  • When required, the fuel cell charges the battery fully automatically, then turns itself off again – without maintenance and without user intervention.
  • The EFOY Pro series is ideal for continuous operation and can also be used in hybrid operation.
  • You can operate your application completely autonomously with the EFOY Pro, compensate for low solar output and use smaller solar modules.

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  • The EFOY Pro 12000 Duo methanol fuel cells is available with an output of 500 W. You can cluster the EFOY Pro 12000 Duo up to 3 kW.
  • Autonomous power with EFOY fuel cartridges
    • EFOY Pro fuel cells are direct methanol fuel cells that are operated with the fuel methanol. The methanol is stored in EFOY fuel cartridges that have been designed especially for this purpose.
    • They were especially designed to be used with the EFOY fuel cells, and they can be replaced easily and cleanly within seconds.
    • Depending on your needs, EFOY fuel cartridges are available in 5, 10, 28 and 60 liter sizes. Simply adapt the size of your fuel cartridge to your autonomy requirements.
  • Extend the self sufficiency with the DuoCartSwitch
    • The DCS1 DuoCartSwitch allows the operation of up to four fuel cartridges.
  • Remote monitoring with EFOY Cloud
    • EFOY Fuel Cells are often used in remote locations and require the option of secure remote access.
    • The EFOY Cloud gives you access to your methanol fuel cells from anywhere so you can monitor continuous operation via laptop, tablet or smartphone.


  • Mobile & stationary video monitoring systems.
  • Wind industry (wind measurement, obstruction lights, power during maintenance).
  • Measurement stations for recording environmental data (e.g. regarding noise emissions, water levels, seismic movements, as weather and climate data).
  • Traffic engineering (speed cameras, traffic counting and control systems, signal technology etc.).
  • Telecommunication (local microgrids, repeater stations, switch and signal technology, transmitters).
  • Critical Infrastructures (mobile communication, energy, gas and water supply).
  • On-Board power supply for special vehicles (fire brigade, police etc.).

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Use cases

  • Solar hybrid microgrids for power supply in off-grid areas
  • Powering a radio station for fail-proof-communication in a ski area.
  • Off-grid power for a radio base station

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Weight32 kg
Dimensions64.0 × 48.3 × 31.0 cm
Max Power (in kW)

Nom Output Voltage (in V)


Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Compliant with

, ,

Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

Technology Readiness (TRL)

Data sheet

EFOY Pro 12000 Duo Datasheet



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      SFC Energy AG

      SFC Energy AG is a leading provider of hydrogen and direct methanol fuel cells for stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions. With the Clean Energy and Clean Power Management business segments, SFC Energy is a sustainably profitable fuel cell producer. The Company distributes its award-winning products worldwide and has sold more than 55,000 fuel cells to date. The Company is headquartered in Brunnthal/Munich, Germany, operates production facilities in the Netherlands, Romania, and Canada.

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