Project Management for Hydrogen Applications


  • PROREC GmbH has +15 years of experience in engineering projects in the hydrogen sector and other related industries.
  • Our project management for hydrogen applications include project scheduling and reporting of highly complex and unique projects.
  • We are providing expertise with our multidisciplinary team of experts, filling skill set gaps of project teams.
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Project management for hydrogen applications

  • The purpose of project management services is to help organizations achieve project goals and objectives within scope, time, and budgetary constraints. PROREC employs competent experts in the field of R&D and engineering projects, who are equipped with professional tools and methods to bring your project to success.
  • A smooth and on-schedule completion of R&D and engineering projects for hydrogen applications requires a high degree of expertise and specialist knowledge. Make use of our experience and depth of knowledge to get your project delivered on time and budget with our “right first time” approach to quality.
  • Our scope of services covers all stages of managing your research project, starting from concept & detailed design, through to commissioning and operation. We can help you administer, coordinate, and manage even the most ambitious projects by providing an independent perspective and expertise with our multidisciplinary team of experts, filling skill set gaps of project teams.

Scope of services offered

  • Planning, organization, and control of resources linked to R&D and engineering projects in the hydrogen sector and other related industries
  • Project scheduling and reporting in compliance with project milestones of highly complex and unique projects
  • Piloting execution and construction of projects after investment approval
  • Providing expertise with our multidisciplinary team of experts, filling skill set gaps of project teams

Working with PROREC

  • With over 15 years of experience in planning and delivery of test benches and pilot plants, PROREC is a guarantee for quality when delivering custom R&D and end of line systems for hydrogen applications.
  • Development of fully and partially automated process control systems is carried out in close collaboration with our customers and end users in order to deliver optimized hardware & software solutions.
  • As a trusted partner with extensive process engineering knowledge and years of practical experience we concentrate adding value to our customers’ projects.
  • Global clients in the hydrogen industry have approached us after other companies have failed to deliver the software solution needed.
Prorec Project Management for Hydrogen Applications Team

Main benefits of our services

  • Time and cost savings through external expertise and consulting
  • A “right first time” approach to quality based on our extensive experience in high pressure hydrogen, pilot plant and E&I fields
  • Delivering projects on time, and supporting our customers throughout the project & over the equipment lifecycle
  • Custom solutions with robust and precise designs

Recent hydrogen projects

  • Development and construction of light duty hydrogen gaseous fueling station for testing fueling protocols during 24/7 unattended operation
  • Erection of a fully automated hydrogen test bench for gaseous hydrogen storage systems
    • Automated pressure cycling and permeation testing of Type IV tanks (R134, EC79/406-2010)
    • Includes a standard fueling system for SAE J-2601 based fueling of light and heavy-duty vehicles, both Comm and non Comm.
  • Automation of a multistage medium and high-pressure storage & hydrogen recycle system with intelligent integration of several compressors
  • Conversion of a light duty hydrogen filling station for fueling forklifts
  • Development and construction of a technology center for 24/7 unattended operation of testing heavy-duty fueling protocols of Type IV tanks in accordance with SAE J-2601

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    PROREC GmbH is an inde­pen­dent, privately held company offering to our clients world­wide a range of process engineering solutions for processes and equipment in laboratory and pilot scale. Our services cover the whole lifecycle of the research asset, starting from concept & detailed design and construc­tion through to commissioning and operation. We deliver added value by applying our extensive Know-How, independent pers­pective, years of experience and profes­sional approach to develop solutions for complex challenges in the design and supply of R&D equipment.

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