Project Management and Facilitation Services – CRATOS


  • Project management methods (agile, classic, hybrid)
  • Techno-economic modelling with our HONEST model
  • Feasibility studies and strategy alignments
  • Project planning and integration along the value chain
  • Business development and transformation
  • Funding and financial structuring
  • Consortia and stakeholder management
  • Project management and facilitation services for the hydrogen industry
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Project Management and Facilitation Services – CRATOS

  • Solving the “How?” and the “With Whom?”
  • Our team of experts supports you in developing, planning, implementing and optimizing your hydrogen projects
  • Our expertise in fields of project management, finance, business management and engineering fields enable you to realize your potential
  • Expert team provides services of project management and facilitation in the hydrogen industry
  • For feasibility studies and business cases, we offer our HONEST model to optimize the technical and economic set-up of your system
  • Together with you, we develop visions and strategies for a sustainable future of your company
  • We plan the needed systems and projects according to your specific need
  • We solve the main issues of the hydrogen market and value chain: economics, value chain consolidation, legal, safety, regulatory, compliance, technical integration, timeliness
  • Project Economics: enabling a sound economic business plan based on modelling, funding, partnerships and risk mitigation
  • Value Chain Integration: Collaboration for effective partnerships and system integration, inter-operability and communication
  • Legal, Regulatory, Safety and Compliance: Working with you at the forefront to alleviate the barriers your project is facing
  • Timeliness: Allowing you to move early and keep in line with budget, avoid delays, staying in line with acceptance criteria
  • After planning we help to implement the ideas to becoming reality and continuously help to optimize your internal processes to accommodate any adjustment

Key benefits

  • H2 Expert Team: Our team of experts in energy technology fields, but also business and financial areas, will support you to close your gaps.
  • Partner Network: By providing our extensive partner network, ranging from research institutions, communal actors, financial institutes and engineering offices, we guarantee the needed resources.
  • Project Management Excellence: After more than 14 years of successful projects, we have established the CRATOS name in the field of project management in various sectors whilst maintaining an agile approach.
  • 4 Pillars: Our actions and motivations are based on ecological sustainability, social fairness, economic prosperity and energy resilience.

Application areas

  • Hydrogen (or renewable energy) focused project integration
  • Techno-economic and scenario-based assessment of business cases
  • Funding Program Application
  • Process optimization and organizational changes
  • Business Field Development and Implementation
  • Hydrogen hub formation, development and application

Use cases

  • Energy strategy development for chemical industry
  • Funding program application and consortia management
  • Feasibility studies for hydrogen system integration
  • Variety of projects with and for energy providers

Contact us

  • Whether you’re new to the hydrogen industry or already have a foothold in the market, CRATOS can support you on your individual journey. Interested? Please contact CRATOS by filling in the contact vendor form.


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    In 2009 CRATOS GmbH was first set up as a consultancy with a strong focus on project management and IT topics. Hydrogen and energy have become a core part of the CRATOS portfolio. Our future-oriented vision and enthusiasm about technology with the clear goal of shaping change towards ecological and economic sustainability is always at the center of our enterprise.
    Our portfolio aims to develop, plan, implement and optimize your energy solutions and ideas together with you.

    The company is situated in Hannover, Germany and Toronto, Canada.

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