Ultra-Thin Porous Transport Layer – SungreenH2

by SunGreenH2

  • Porous Transport Layer for PEM Electrolysis
  • Nanostructured Multifunctional Porous Layer (NM-PTL) for Water Splitting
  • Reduced use of Platinum
  • Enhanced efficiency for water splitting performance
  • Custom order for up to 1600 cm² size
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Ultra-Thin Platinized Porous Transport Layer – SungreenH2

  • Innovative porous transport layer (PTL) designed to enhance the efficiency of water splitting processes, specifically electrolysis, by optimizing surface area utilization, catalytic activity, and mass transfer.
  • SungreenH2’s PTL combines advanced nanomaterials and porous structures to create a high-performance interface for water splitting devices.
  • Porosities available:
    • 70-80%
    • 60-70%
    • 56%
  • Thickness: 0.2-0.8 mm (uncompressed height)
  • Dimensions:
    • Various sizes up to 300 cm² available immediately
    • Custom order for up to 1600 cm² size

Key features

  • Reduced use of Platinum
  • Improved water splitting performance
  • Nanostructured Multifunctional Porous Transport Layer (NM-PTL) for Water Splitting
  • Available with various porosities and thickness

Application areas

  • Electrolyzer

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  • SunGreenH2 manufactures core components for electrolyser cells, stacks and systems. Interested? Please contact the vendor by filling in the contact form or the request for quote form.
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      SunGreenH2 is an award-winning company transforming green hydrogen production through electrolysis with a proprietary technology for high-performance, low-cost electrolyzer components using advanced nanostructured materials. Recently awarded the BloombergNEF 2023 Pioneers award for accelerating the adoption of clean hydrogen with a proprietary technology for all commercial electrolyzers. The company is addressing several bottlenecks in the hydrogen industry. Based in Asia Pacific, the award-winning company has commissioned an electrode production and research and development facility in Melbourne, Australia, and is working with global electrolyzer manufacturers and hydrogen end users to bring products to market.

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