Multipurpose Leak Detector for Hydrogen and Helium – ASM 340

by Pfeiffer Vacuum

  • Multipurpose leak detector with top performance in vacuum and sniffing leak detection
  • Can be used both for qualitative localization of leaks as well as quantitative global or local testing
  • Accurate measurement and short test time
  • Customized for your individual needs
  • Easy operation and smart functions
  • User-friendly post-processing of test data
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Multipurpose Leak Detector for Hydrogen and Helium – ASM 340

  • Fast time to test, thanks to the largest roughing pump in its class
  • Ability to detect large leaks between 100 hPa and the inlet test pressure
  • Easy operation, intuitive menu and large color touch screen
  • Various languages and operating voltages available for global use
  • Multipurpose leak detector available with interface board for automation through an external system (PC or PLC)
  • Complete range of accessories for even more convenient leak detection
  • The ASM 340 is the perfect solution for everyday testing even in severe test conditions

Key features

  • Fastest time to test in its class
  • High roughing pump capacity for versatile use
  • Rapid response time due to high helium pumping speed
  • Capability to detect leaks starting at 100 mbar
  • Unrivalled sensitivity results in sniffing test mode, with 5 · 10-9 mbarl/s minimum detectable leak rate for helium
  • Low maintenance due to rugged design
  • Integrated storage capability for recording, downloading and parameter setting
  • Detachable color control panel for enhanced ergonomics
  • User friendly and customizable interface
  • Complete range of I/O and Profibus communication available

Application areas

  • Leak test of sub-assemblies :
    • Heat exchangers
    • Compressors and pumps
    • Tubing, valves, gas injectors
    • Recirculation blowers
  • Leak test of complete fuel cell stacks
  • Leak test and certification of hydrogen tanks
  • Final test of the integral hydrogen circuit
  • Permeability tests of materials

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Weight56 kg
Dimensions54.7 × 37.5 × 38.9 cm
Max Input Voltage (in V)

Min Input Voltage (in V)

Electronic Control Interface


Ingress Protection Rating

Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

Technology Readiness (TRL)

Technical datasheet

Multipurpose Leak Detector for Hydrogen and Helium_datasheet

Technical datasheet2

Multipurpose Leak Detector for Hydrogen and Helium_datsheet2

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