HiL Fuel Cell Control Unit Test System


  • Testing of fuel cell control units without needing a real time system
  • Expandable fuel cell control unit test system
  • Communication via Profibus / CAN
  • Build-in IPC for test management
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HiL fuel cell control unit test system

  • With test systems for Fuel Cell Control Units (FCCUs), developers can test the electronic components of fuel cell or battery systems without needing a real system.
  • With the HiL system, fuel cell controls based on a SIMATIC S7 can be tested without having to set up a real fuel cell system.
  • The system marries the CVM modules for recording and simulating cell voltages on fuel cells with the I/O modules of the MCM product family.
  • The latter simulate operation-relevant environmental factors such as pressure and temperature as well as certain switching states and measure the outputs of the controller.
  • An essential component of the systems we develop for our customers is therefore cell voltage simulation (CVS).
  • In addition to the cell voltages, the relevant environmental parameters are also simulated.


  • 2-channel modular fully parallel software tester for SIMATIC-S7
  • Automatic switching between different analog inputs of the SIMATIC
  • Testcontrol via LabView
  • Expandability
  • Signal tapping at the front
  • Build-in IPC for Test Management
  • Communication via Profibus / CAN


  • Marine
  • Vehicles
  • Stationary systems
  • Electrolysers
  • Batteries
  • Fuel cells

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      SMART TESTSOLUTIONS GmbH, based in Stuttgart, is a solution provider for testing automotive control units, electronic systems and renewable energy systems such as batteries and fuel cells. Customer-specific system applications are realised on the basis of a standard programme of optimised system modules for measured value acquisition, load and sensor simulation. Numerous automotive manufacturers and suppliers use SMART TESTSOLUTIONS' cell voltage monitoring solutions.

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