Fully Automated Helium Vacuum Leak Test Station for Bipolar Plates


  • Reliable helium vacuum leak test of bipolar plates
  • Fully automated helium vacuum leak test station with very short cycle times
  • Detection of very low leak rates (up to 1*10E-5 mbar*l/s with 10% helium)
  • Modular machine concept extendable up to 4 stations
  • Easy exchange of product specific parts (fixtures)
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Fully Automated Helium Vacuum Leak Test Station for Bipolar Plates (Fuel Cell Plates)

  • Leak detection by using helium as a test gas in a vacuum chamber
  • Leak rate identification using a mass spectrometer to detect helium
  • Leak test with a maximum test pressure of max. 2 bar (a)
  • Leak testing of the cooling, hydrogen, and oxygen circuit
  • Leak rates of 1*10E-4 mbar*l/s (100% helium) or 1*10E-5 mbar*l/s (10% helium)
  • Leak testing of two plates at the same time in one station (fixture)
  • Fully-automated process

Key features

  • Reliable and repeatable leak testing of bipolar / fuel cell plates
  • Very short cycle times and high output
  • Detection of very low leak rates
  • Serial production machinery, modularly scalable
  • Full automated testing and handling processes
  • Easy exchange of fixtures
  • Easy access to all machine components for maintenance
  • Easy installation and service
  • Independent and self-sufficient leak test stations to run different plate designs
  • Leak testing of end and dummy plates within the same fixture
  • Online monitoring and maintenance

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Application areas

  • Production of bipolar plates
  • Production of fuel cell plates
  • Production of fuel cells
  • Production of electrolysis / electrolyser
  • Quality and production control

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      MACEAS is the specialist in leak test technologies. Especially our experience in fully integrated leak tests in productions lines is our customer´s benefit. We are focusing on Helium leak testing and Ultrasonic leak tester by means of ultrasound gas bubble detection, also for hydrogen applications like bipolar plates, fuel cell stacks, hydrogen storage vessels and many more hydrogen related components.

      Located in the small village Barßel-Harkebrügge, Lower Saxony in the Northwest of Germany, we are supplying and delivering our leak testing equipment to customers all over the world with an excellent service.

      MACEAS as a brand in leak testing technology is a 100% subsidiary of Worthmann Maschinenbau GmbH.

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