Fuel Cell Test Station PTS 10

by LEANCAT s.r.o

  • Fuel cell test station suitable for low temperature PEM fuel cells.
  • Power range 100 W – 1 kW
  • Current range up to 400 A
  • Optional potentiostat and/or Intergrated EIS
  • Safety features for fully automated operation
  • Convenient testing of short stacks and/or large area single cells
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Working with Leancat

  • Leancat specializes in fuel cell testing equipment and services. Leancat has know-how based on long-term R&D and application of fuel cell technology.
  • Cooperation partners and customers include recognized research institutes and companies in Europe, USA and Asia.

Fuel Cell Test Station PTS 10 main features

  • Leancat PTS 10 completely controls the conditions of gases entering and leaving a fuel cell and provides cell/stack cooling
  • Flow rate control using high quality mass flow controllers
  • Humidification based on micro bubbling system enables reaching dew point temperatures  up to 90° C
  • Precise temperature control of inlet gases up to 120° C
  • Electronic back pressure control up to 3 bar independently for fuel cell and oxidant lines
  • Cell/Stack temperature monitoring
  • Dead end mode with interface to external reciculation pump
  • Pressurised cell/stack cooling circuit with optional cell pre heating
  • Robust system based on industrial PLC

Key Benefits

  • Hydrogen sensor inside the test station with alarm system and history
  • With tap water or chiller heat exchanger interface
  • Optional integrated heater
  • With automatic humidifier bypass control
  • Available configuration for testing fuel single cells and short stacks
  • Dead end mode
  • CE certificate of conformity
  • Wide range of available techniques:
    • Cell/stack polarisation
    • Accelerated Stress testing, wet/dry
    • Start stop cycling
    • Life cycle tests

Application areas

  • Research and development of materials for fuel cells
  • Benchmarking of fuel cell components
  • Scale up of fuel cell technology

Contact us!

  • We have fuel cell testing equipment that we can customize according to your requirements.
Dimensions90 × 130 × 200 cm
Max Power (in kW)

Max Current (in A)

Type of Fuel Cell


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      LEANCAT s.r.o

      Leancat s.r.o. develops and manufactures professional fuel-cell testing equipment. Building on extensive knowledge from the development and application of fuel cell technology, we can offer customers from both academia and industry a wide portfolio of fuel cell test stations for PEM fuel cells and SOFC. Standard configurations cover power ranges from 100 W to 20 kW and we offer a variety of customization options based on the requests of our customers.

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