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Hydrogen Pressure Relief Valve – Series 492

  • Our hydrogen pressure relief valve is your ideal solution for compressors, fueling stations, tanks and compressed H2.
  • Adjustable pressure range from 50 bar to 1500 bar and operating temperature from -60 °C to +200 °C.
  • The series 492 safety valves are test approved atmospheric discharge safety valves for industrial applications.
  • This allows the use of tested and approved quality on the high pressure tanks with neutral and non-neutral gaseous mediums.
  • The safety valves are made of stainless steel, angle-type with threaded connections or standard threaded connections.
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Hydrogen pressure relief valve – series 492

  • Goetze’s hydrogen high-pressure relief valve from 50 to 1500 bar.
  • A pressure relief valve of impressive compactness and design with flexible and rotatable outlet body in gas-tight design for controlled outflow or for connection of a blow-off line for non-neutral gaseous media.
  • Remains tight even after repeated opening and closing.
  • Our pressure relief valve is used to prevent excess pressure of the vessels in high pressure applications and prevent the further release of gases after normal conditions have been restored.
  • These are test approved safety valves with EU-type examination and TÜV approval for high pressure hydrogen applications.
  • This allows the use of tested and approved quality on the high pressure tanks.
  • The discharge safety valves are made of stainless steel (1.4404/316L; 1.4408/CF8M), angle-type with threaded connections or standard threaded connections.


  • Temperatures: -60 °C to +200 °C, depends upon the version of the valve
  • Pressures: Adjustable from 50 bar to 1500 bar, please refer to data sheet
  • Materials: Stainless steel and spring steel, different seal materials
  • Threaded connections: 1/4” – 1′
  • With positionable angled body outlet


  • Inlet body: made up of stainless steel
  • Outlet body: made up of stainless steel
  • Internal parts: made up of stainless steel
  • Spring: spring steel

Valve options

  • Standard (s)
  • Gastight version of spring housing (t)


  • TÜV-Type test approval 2076 D/G
  • EU type examination S/G
  • ASME G
  • CRN G
  • TSG ZF001-2006 D/G (S/G)
  • KGS G
  • TR ZU 032/2013 – TR ZU 010/2011 D/G (S/G)

Diameters, connections and dimensions

Goetze Hydrogen 492_1500barDiameter_Connection


Goetze 492(1500)_Dimensions

Application areas

  • High pressure compressors
  • Pressure tanks
  • CNG-applications
  • Pressure cylinder pack
  • Hydrogen applications

Use cases

  • Energy production from hydrogen by means of compressors
  • Hydrogen fueling stations
  • Hydrogen storage and transport in tanks and containers
  • High-pressure storage of hydrogen in the gaseous form
  • Very low temperature storage of hydrogen in the liquid form

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Max Pressure (in bar)

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Compliant with

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Goetze Hydrogen Safety Valve 492 datasheet

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