Hydrogen Thermocouple Temperature Probe S80

by Ashcroft Inc.

  • Flexible designs for critical applications
  • Fast response times
  • Industrial probes for chemical, petrochemical and power plants.
  • For a wide range of process applications: vapors, gases, liquids and non-abrasive substances, provided that these are compatible with the sheath material
  • hydrogen thermocouple temperature probes with mineral insulation
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Hydrogen Thermocouple Temperature Probe S80

  • S80 thermocouple temperature probe with mineral insulation, available with optional connectors.
  • These probes are supplied as either single or dual sensors.
  • The sensor(s) is (are) housed inside a flexible metal sheath.
  • With or without extension lead wire, process connection on request.
  • If fitted, the extension lead wire (with or without protective spring and/or electromagnetic shielding) can be provided with PVC, silicone, Teflon® or fiberglass insulation.
  • The soldering between the extension lead wire and the sheathed cable is enclosed in a sealed transition

Key features

  • Flexible configurations with other without lead wires and connectors
  • Heavy duty MgO cable
  • Intrinsically Safe and Non-Incendive designs available


  • Stem Diameter:
    • 1/8″
    • 3/16″
    • 1/4″
    • 1/2″
    • 6 mm
    • 8 mm
  • Stem Length:
    • Minimum: 50 mm/2 in
    • Maximum: 3 m/120 in
  • Sensor Type & Measuring Range
    • Type J –40 to +750°C
    • Type E –200 to +800°C
    • Type K –200 to +1000°C
    • Type N –200 to +1000°C
  • Wiring Configuration: wire single or dual
  • Accuracy Class:
    • Standard
    • Special
    • Class 1
    • Class 2
    • Class 3

Application areas

  • Hydrogen applications
  • Storage tanks
  • Power generation

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Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Min Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Compliant with

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Technical Datasheet

Technical datasheet - Thermocouple Temperature Probe - S80

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