Fuel Cell Inverter R300 – 300kW 850V

by EPowerlabs

  • Compact 9kg and 300kW fuel cell inverter suitable for 850V systems
  • ASIL D certified microcontroller with 3 cores
  • Dyinamic dV/dt function to minimize partial discharge
  • LV supply redundancy for safety critical applications
  • Torque, Speed, Id/Iq Control
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Fuel Cell Inverter R300

  • The Fuel cell inverter R300 is an ASIL D capable high-power density traction inverter for 800V applications that delivers up to 300kW continuous power in a small package.

Key features

  • IGBT powerpack, up to 1200V/800A peak phase current
  • Control board triple core @300Mhz (ASIL D capable)
  • Redundancy functions for safety-critical applications
  • Real time parameter calibration and monitoring
  • PC based set up and programming tools available
  • Application software enables sensors auto-calibration functions
  • Position sensor types: Resolver, Absolut Encoder, Incremental Encoder, XMR, BiSS
  • Current sensor: Hall
  • Temperature sensor: NTC 10k, PT1000
  • Torque, Speed, Id/Iq Control
  • Self-protection features
  • 2x CAN Communication channels (ECU communication & calibration with DeveLinkSTUDIO tool)
  • CAN database available (.dbc)
  • Can control 3 phase PMSM, ACIM and BLDC motors


  • Fuel cell compressors, electric traction systems and test bench activities.

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Weight9 kg
Dimensions41 × 21 × 90 cm
Max Output Voltage (in V)

Min Output Voltage (in V)

Max Current (in A)

Max Switching Frequency (Hz)

Product Datasheet

R300- Technical Datasheet

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