Hydrogen Gas Booster Station – portable up to 1.000 bar

by Maximator GmbH

  • No electrical connection required
  • Hydrogen gas booster station provides safe and clean hydrogen compression
  • Easy operation with logical panel design
  • ATEX ready and FLEXDRIVE compatible
  • Integrated cooling – no external power required
  • Nitrogen or Airflow purge to improve the safety level
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Hydrogen gas booster station – portable up to 1.000 bar

  • Maximator hydrogen booster stations for hydrogen are complete solutions ready for connection which are providing operating pressures up to 1.000 bar.
  • Based on the know-how of a manufacturer of high pressure gas boosters, Maximator produces individual system solutions – both as completed or partly completed machines – for all types of testing, filling, production and pressure generating applications.
  • Gas recovery systems enable the efficient use of hydrogen and offer considerable saving potential.
  • The compression task is analyzed in detail, design the system and select the suitable gas boosters.
  • All required components in hydrogen gas booster station, such as pressure switches, pneumatically or electrically operated directional valves, adapters, quick-release couplings, pressure filters, gas accumulators, high-pressure hoses as well as shut-off and control valves are expertly selected and matched to the requirements of the compression task.

Application areas

  • Hydrogen pressure generation up to 1.000 bar
  • Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Research & development
  • Calibration product acceptance test
  • Small scale refueling application
  • Hydrogen gas transfer
  • Hydrogen recovery
  • Compression after electrolyzing
  • Workshop or test field area

Contact us

  • Contact us and tell us about your requirements. We will identify the suitable gas booster that provide the performance and safety you expect.
Weight107 kg
Dimensions92 × 41 × 52 cm
Technology Readiness (TRL)

Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

Max Pressure (in bar)

Compressor Type

Hydrogen gas booster stations GM2200 DLE 75 datasheet

Product datasheet

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      Maximator GmbH

      As an internationally leading company specialized in high-pressure technology, Maximator develops high-performance products and solutions for a variety of uses and applications in the field of high pressure testing and production equipment, hydraulics and pneumatics. Maximator has many years of experience with components, power units and test systems especially for hydrogen applications Many components for the development of this future technology are exposed to extreme stresses. Maximator meets this challenge with innovative high pressure test technology for hydrogen components such as valves, pipes or CGH vessels. We can carry out all legally prescribed testing on pressure bearing components with our test technology: from individual acceptance to type approval testing. We also offer gas control technology for hydrogen applications - approved effective and reliable technology for automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

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