Twin Ferrule Fittings H2-Lok

by Schwer Fittings GmbH

  • Stainless steel Twin Ferrule Fittings
  • Suitable for Automotive hydrogen gas applications
  • Wide range of metric and imperial sizing available.
  • Pressure rated to 350 Bar, EC79, Temperature range -40° C to +85° C
  • European manufactured and distribution center. Established global supply chains.
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Twin Ferrule Fittings H2-Lok

  • Functionally matched tolerances and consistent surface finish ensure leak-free pipe connections in both the high pressure and vacuum environments with Twin Ferrule Fittings.
  • Vibration and pressure surges are largely absorbed by the design of the clamping / wedge ring structure without any leakage.
  • Under heavy vibration the couplings maintain security at high pressures or vacuum. This is achieved by 4-efficient construction details:
    • The clamping ring with its spring-like formation dampens vibrations from the pipe network. Furthermore, it prevents transmission of the tightening torque of the nut on the wedge ring.
    • The forward wedge ring seals the pressing surfaces between fitting and pipe. Due to the taper in the housing the tapered ring is pressed onto the pipe, so that a constriction arises, whereby the tube is clamped pressure tight.
    • The silver-plated internal threads of the union nut is used to prevent seizure. This allows the multiple use of the same fitting and are therefore easy to undo.
    • A longer tube guide ensures an accurate tight fit between tubing and the housing, manufacturing tolerances ensure reliable centering of the pipe.

Key features

  • Using high grade stainless 1.4401; 1.4404 steels a long “life” in an aggressive environment is ensured
  • H2 Lok fittings are laser engraved with the EC 79 Logo and unique Schwer Fittings number for full traceability
  • Easy installation
  • Great variety in metric and imperial range
  • Quality surface roughness due to modern manufacturing technology
  • Type of pre-assembly: no pre-assembly necessary
  • Repeat assembly: 25 times
  • Media application: hydrogen gas
  • Thermal limits:  -40° C to +85° C
  • Construction mass / manufacturing standard: own factory standard
  • Pressure ranges: up to 350 bar
  • Available sizes:
    • From 6 mm to 16 mm
    • From ¼” to 1/2″
  • Material: 1.4404 / 1.4435
  • Degree Cone: 40°
  • Union nut thread type: UNF
  • Coating union nut:  silver coated
  • Width across flats of union nut: metric or imperial
  • Tube type / specification:
    • sf 1.4435 seamless drawn, soft annealed
    • Metric or imperial
  • Structure/function of rings:  twin ferrule, 2 rings system

Fitting types

Twin ferrule fittings types

Application areas

  • Transportation and automotive hydrogen applications.
  • Within electrolyser applications.
  • Connection of cylinders in distribution systems.
  • Within hydrogen fuel filling stations.
  • Within compressors and compressor installations
  • Suitable for use throughout the hydrogen supply chain, hydrogen generation, through transportation and to end user.

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