High Pressure Gas Handling Unit (HP GHU 700)

by Argo-Anleg GmbH

  • Integrated Gas Handling Unit combining key functions into one device
  • Nominal pressure 700 bar
  • Flow rate 2.8 – 8.3 g/s
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Gas Handling Unit (GHU) for hydrogen gas operating in the range of 40 to 700 bar.

This product integrates the following components into one central unit:

  • pressure regulating valve
  • overpressure safety unit
  • temperature sensor
  • low pressure measuring device
  • high pressure measuring device

Structurally the gas handling unit is divided into a high pressure and a low pressure section

Gas Handling Unit
Gas Handling Units
Weight22 kg
Compliant with

Connector Threading

Max Mass Flow (in g/s)

Max Pressure (in bar)

Nom. Oper. Pressure (in bar)

Nom Pressure (in bar)


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HP GHU 700 Datasheet

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