Mobility PEM Fuel Cell Stack – C260-M (120 kW)

by Axane, an Air Liquide business

  • Mobility PEM fuel cell stack with 120 kW nominal power
  • Longer lifetime with >20,000h
  • Best compact and robust graphite bipolar plates
  • Operation possible at low air pressure for higher system efficiency
  • Other configurations available from 10 kW to 120 kW
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Mobility PEM Fuel Cell Stack – C260-M (120 kW)

  • Expert in PEM fuel cell stack, Axane designs and develops stacks and systems based on PEM technology (proton exchange membrane).
  • Axane specializes in the design of fuel cell systems and stacks, the sub-assemblies of fuel cells.
  • With 20 years of expertise, Axane meets the needs of the stationary energy and hydrogen mobility markets, including automotive, cinema, logistics,
    telecommunications, marine, aeronautics, and aerospace.
  • A 100% Air Liquide team, Axane leverages the Group’s expertise in the hydrogen sector, applying its unique global vision to design and develop innovative and customized solutions.
  • The work meets the demanding technical specifications and needs of its customers.

Key Features

  • Any cell count up to 120kW : wide range of power with same design & components
  • High cell surface power density: > 1.45 W/cm² @0,6 V
  • High stack power density: up to 3.1 kW/L – 3.2 kW/kg
  • Operation with pure 02 possible: power-to-power mode (with water electrolyser)
  • Dry air mode possible: no humidifier, cheaper system
  • Operation possible without H2 recirculation: no H2 pump, system more reliable, efficient and cheaper
  • Operation in vertical and horizontal positions possible: high flexibility system integration
  • Long life time: > 20.000 hours of operation
  • Reusable plates: maintenance significant savings

Stack Specifications

  • Stack width: 235 mm
  • Stack height: 275 mm
  • Extr. Elets length: 169,2 mm
  • 1st plate height: 4,06 mm
  • Cell height 2,25 mm
  • Last cell height 3,61 mm
  • P cell nom 363 W/cell

Key Benefits

  • Reduce project lead times and time to market: Our teams focus on the technical development of fuel cells, so you can focus on the application of the final product.
  • Reduced development costs: Our expertise in the development of stacks and systems means we can handle your specific request, mobilizing a technical and specialized field of expertise.
  • Relevant identification of the supply chain: You benefit from our selection of the best suppliers. We evaluate your logistic needs according to the set objective (quality, price, production volume).
  • Selection of technologies in full control: We choose suitable technologies and develop these in accordance with your strategic challenges.
  • Prowess in hydrogen safety by a recognized industrial player
  • Integration in the hydrogen energy ecosystem: We guarantee access to hydrogen for end-users.

Product Video

Application areas

  • E-mobility
  • Industrial applications
  • Power Generation

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  • Air Liquide is a leader in the manufacture of PEM fuel cell stacks. Interested? Please contact Air Liquide, by filling in the contact vendor form.
Dimensions92.2 × 23.5 × 27.5 cm

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Technical Datasheet

Product Datasheet - C260

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      Axane, an Air Liquide business

      Axane is a division of the worldwide Air Liquide company. With 20 years of expertise in product developments, it specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial, best in class fuel cell stacks, standard or customized. Axane has been developing fuel cells and systems for all market requirements : hydrogen mobility, automotive, marine, aeronautics, aerospace, and stationary energy supply. Axane's teams can address all major phases of a product development, from design, prototyping, and industrialisation, to production and operation.

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