Fuel Cell Stack EH–31 3 kW

by EH Group Engineering AG

  • High power density stacks with rated power of 3 kW
  • Voltage range of 17-37 V and maximum coolant flow rate of 12 l/min
  • Scalable production process
  • Patented technology with swiss precision engineering
  • Optimised for mobile & stationary applications
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Fuel Cell Stack EH–31 3 kW

  • EH group has uniquely redesigned microstructure
  • Optimised for mobile and stationary applications
  • PEM type fuel cell stack with output power range of up to 3.0 kW
  • Fully automated production process in implementation
  • EH fuel cell stacks can be customised for client applications such as heavy duty mobility, back-up power or other.

Key features

  • High power density
    • Uniquely re-designed fuel cell stack at the microstructure level making it more compact, lightweight and efficient​
    • Up to 1.5-2 times higher power density
  • Simplified system architecture
    • Fewer parasitic loads
    • Smaller dimensions
    • Lower costs
    • Higher efficiency
  • Scalable power range
    • Extension up to 250kW on a single stack
  • Scalable fuel cell production
    • A completely new approach and concept of fuel cell stack assembly and production that reduces costs significantly

Application areas

  • Mobility sector
    • Forklifts
    • Light mobility
  • Stationary sector
    • Commercial buildings
    • Domestic building CHP

Product cases

  • Light off-road vehicles
  • Range-extenders on light mobility

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Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions28 × 9 × 13 cm

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EHGroup EH31 datasheet

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      EH Group Engineering AG

      Established in Switzerland since 2017, EH Group Engineering AG is focused on the development and production of its innovative and patented hydrogen fuel cell technology. It offers market leading power density, simplified system architecture for higher efficiencies and scalable fuel cell production method that significantly reduces costs.
      EH Group FC stacks and systems are in the range of 1kW-250kW on a single stack platform or higher by combination of more systems. Due to its extreme compactness, EH Group's Fuel Cell technology is an ideal candidate for mobile applications where weight and volume reduction are two key criteria. EH Group product offerings can also be deployed in stationary applications such as large-backup power, micro-grids, data centers, etc.

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