Omniflow i10-3 (Ion Exchange Filter)


  • OmniFlow Ion Exchange Filter provides protection against electrical shorts in the stack.
  • i10-3 ion exchange filter has an exchange capacity of 820 meq
  • OmniFlow keeps the conductivity of cooling liquid in fuel cells low through ion exchange technology
  • Optimum protection – high quality ion exchange resin regarding capacity and purity
  • Omnidirectional flow and installation: any orientation (horizontal, vertical, etc.) possible
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OmniFlow i10-3 ion exchange filter

  • Our patented internal lattice structure directs flow to fully utilize the high­ performance resin. This internal structure also keeps the resin beads from tightly packing and therefore lowering the pressure loss in operation. Resin demixing caused by vibration in transportation applications is also minimized.
  • Lower pressure loss and better resin utilization make the OmniFlow ion exchange filter are key to protecting your application.
  • The OmniFlow is easily adapted and replaced. Its simple, cylindrical shape can be clamped to almost anything in an automobile, fuel cell, or industrial application. Whatever your system looks like, an easy connection option is available. The patented structure inside works in any orientation. OmniFlow is mounted, connected, or oriented its unique design will not leak resin into the surrounding system and the environment, allowing carefree operation.
  • Our advanced design maximizes the ion exchange efficiency while minimizing the pressure drop.
  • The resin in our OmniFlow has been vigorously tested and developed for maximum performance and durability. The OmniFlow has optimal thermal and mechanical stability for deionization in automotive, industrial, and fuel cell systems. Even in demanding scenarios, the filter is durable and intuitive to operate.
  • The OmniFlow offers higher ion exchange capacity at lower cost, size, and weight.

Onmiflow Fuel Cell Ion Exchange Filter



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Weight .68 kg
Dimensions 25.4 cm
Connector Threading

Diameter (in mm)

Exchange Capacity (in meq)

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)


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