Series Fuel Cell Regenerative Air Compressor VRB8-2-HP

by Eberspächer VAIREX

  • Series fuel cell regenerative air compressor with no cooling requirements
  • 100% oil free air flow
  • Low cost
  • Precise flow control
  • Compact packaging and lightweight design
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Series fuel cell regenerative air compressor VRB8-2-HP

  • Eberspächer VAIREX applies its patented technology to develop a suite of high pressure regenerative compressors.
  • With its cutting edge designs, Eberspächer VAIREX offers the highest pressure and highest efficiency regenerative compressors on the market today.
  • The compressors control the output of the fuel cell by precisely controlling the air supply needed to generate power.
  • The products combine an extremely robust design validated in many series and a very long service life. Even with frequent start-stop situations, over 20,000 hours have been proven, depending on the application.

Key features

  • High total system efficiency
  • High pressure
  • Low cost
  • 100% oil free air flow
  • Compact packaging and light weight designs
  • Repeatable flow output: no wear components in the compressor head means consistent flow throughout the life of the compressor
  • High efficiency BLDC motors
  • Quiet operation
  • Virtually vibration-free operation
  • Zero flow pulsation that is typically associated with other technologies such as diaphragm pumps
  • Precise flow control
  • Two stage versions available for increased flow or pressure
  • Low flow output for idle operation: generally, turn down to 1% of maximum flow is achieved
  • No cooling requirement

Performance map

Series Fuel cell regenerative compressor-Performance map VRB8-2-HP-Hyfindr


  • Fuel cell systems

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions245 × 140 × 185 cm
Max Input Voltage (in V)

Installation Drawing

Datasheet-Installation Drawing

Performance Map

VRB8-2-HP Performance Map 48V

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    Eberspächer VAIREX

    Eberspächer VAIREX is a manufacturer of advanced air blowers, currently focused on the rapidly growing global fuel cell industry. Fuel cells are an important new class of clean and green technologies that directly convert fuels (including hydrogen, methane, and alcohols), and air, into electricity at high efficiency and very low emissions. VAIREX is the world technical leader in fuel cell air systems, consistently declared best-in-class in customer evaluations, with proven manufacturing capability, competitive pricing, demonstrated customer traction, and rapidly growing revenues.

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