Fuel Cell eCompressor – S26 25kW

by Sprintex Ltd

  • Fuel cell eCompressor with rated power of 25 kW.
  • Single stage compressor with aerodynamic efficiency to >80 %.
  • 10% more efficient than 2-stage compression layout.
  • Higher power density level with motor electromagnetic efficiency >98% in high power zone.
  • Lightweight rotor design makes the rotating group more reliable and durable.
  • Customization upon request.
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Fuel Cell eCompressor – S26 25kW

  • S26 fuel cell eCompressor offers a continuous input power of 25kW, with an input voltage of 400-750VDC. We use oil-free, contactless air bearings that reach a continuous working speed of 100,00 rpm.
  • By implementing our unique/patented motor and system design, S26 has the highest power density level in the industry: 25 kW compressor weighs <7.5 kg.
  • S26 eCompressor is also extremely efficient, with total efficiency up to 75% (controller incl.), while motor electromagnetic efficiency >98% in high power zone.
  • Due to the high quality of high-speed rotor manufacturing, and a unique in-house process for rotor assembly and post-assembly precision machining, S26 is able to deliver optical, mechanical, and electrical performances and reliability.

Key benefits

  • Higher efficiency
  • More compact design
  • More reliable system
  • Oil-free
  • Contactless bearings

Product specifications

  • Input voltage: 400-750VDC
  • Rated speed: 100,000 rpm
  • Maximum pressure ratio: 3.5 PR @100g/s
  • Maximum flow rate: 200g/s @2.8PR
  • Shaft power: 25.6kW continuous
  • Overall efficiency: Peak 75% (Controller incl.)
  • Weight: <7.5kg (Controller incl.)

Application areas

  • Fuel cell vehicles, such as trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, etc.
  • Fuel cell stationary power supplies.

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Weight7.5 kg
Dimensions27.5 × 23.4 × 20.2 cm
Max Power (in kW)

Max Input Voltage (in V)

Min Input Voltage (in V)

Operating Efficiency (in %)

Max Rotational Speed (in rpm)

Max Mass Flow (in g/s)

Fuel Cell eCompressor- S26 25kW Datasheet

Product Datasheet

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      More efficient, more reliable, more power dense- a perfect solution to your fuel cell applications.
      Sprintex Ltd, headquartered in Perth, Australia, is a company with more than 40 years of history as a professional manufacturer in the compressor industry. We develop and manufacture eCompressors from 1.5kW to 40kW to provide full coverage of boosting power for the fuel cell industry. We also provide flexible configurations like dedicated/integrated controller, single stage with an optional expander, water-cooled/air-cooled, air bearing/ball bearing options to achieve your needs.

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