Cathode Air Compressor VASF 2.80/1 Basic

by Gebr. Becker GmbH

  • Cathode air compressor for stationary fuel cells typically >5KW
  • Flow up to 90m³/h, pressure up to +190mbar
  • Modular, Efficient and Versatile
  • Our flexibility allows an optimal system integration
  • AC (230V 1~) or DC (48V) power supply.
  • Robust working principle, industrial grade product
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Cathode air compressor VASF 2.80/1 basic

Side channel blowers generate suction or blowing air for a wide variety of industrial applications. They contain a contact less, fast rotating impeller and are therefore wear and maintenance free. On both sides of the impeller there are two ring-shaped separate side channels along with the housing. This means that a single-stage device with a high volume flow or a two-stage device with higher pressure differences is possible.

Product features

  • Flow up to 90m³/h, pressure up to +190mbar
  • Robust and proven technology, enhanced operation field
  • Also available as a more cost competitive basic model without enhanced Fieldbus connectivity and (sensor less) control functions
  • Inlet and outlet in front or back, silencers optional
  • No surging/ stall problems at higher pressures
  • Touchless and oil-free compression
  • Designed for >20k hours of operation without maintenance

Application areas

  • Cathode Blower for stationary Fuel Cell typically 5-50KW

Product variants (in mass flow/gauge pressure)

 Mass Flow Becker VASF2

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Weight10.1 kg
Dimensions32.7 × 16.5 × 19.7 cm
Compressor Type

Max Power (in kW)

Type of input current


Nom Input Voltage (in V)

, ,

Max Relative Pressure (bar)

Max Ambient Temperature (in °C)

Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

Technology Readiness (TRL)

Max Volume Flow (in lpm)


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Side Channel Air compressor VASF2.80/1

Technical Data Sheet

Side Channel Air compressor VASF2.80/1

Manual AC 230

Side Channel Air compressor VASF2.80/1

Manual DC 48

Side Channel Air compressor VASF2.80/1

Manual AC 115

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