Fuel Cell Converter VP5000-DCDC200


  • High voltage bidirectional DC/DC fuel cell converter with 400A continuous current on side of the lower voltage.
  • Can be used to couple batteries with different voltages, super-capacitor and fuel cell to HV systems.
  • Up to 200kW continuous power depending on voltage
  • Several DC/DC may be wired in parallel for even higher power
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Fuel cell converter VP5000-DCDC200

  • The VP5000 high-voltage DC/DC fuel cell converter couples two different DC voltages bidirectionally with a high efficiency.
  • Like the VP600 inverters, the VP5000 DC/DC converters have an integrated PLC to perform additional functions.
  • In addition, all models of the VP5000 are freely programmable.
  • For ease of use, functionally required inductors are integrated in the VP5000. And VP5000-DCDC200HL additionally has integrated precharging resistor and relay.
  • Complete solutions for power components such as traction inverter, DC/DC converters, battery connections, onboard power supplies, generators or charging devices – including ARADEX technology and control modules as well as comprehensive application modules for easy system integration.

Key features

  • Excellent efficiency up to 98.5 %, even in low partial load
  • Wide voltage range and high possible step-up-ratio
  • Minimum voltage ripple due to the DC/DC converter for an optimal operation for example of fuel cells
  • Integrated plc-functionality in real-time to work together with fuel cell as smart subsystem.
  • Integrated oscilloscope function
  • CAN communication


Aradex Fuel Cell Converter VP5000-DCDC200 Interfaces

Efficiency characteristics at an outpur voltage of 500 VDC

Efficiency characteristics at an outpur voltage of 500 VDC

Application Areas

  • Connection of fuel cell to HV systems
  • Perfect base to realize power management of complex HV systems, coworking with other Aradex DC/DC and Aradex VectoPower inverters
  • Typical application areas are all kinds of fuel cell operated trucks and mobile working machines
  • Another application area is to couple super caps to HV system to cover peak power demand of trucks and mobile working machines

Project examples

  • Hydrogen operated city busses
  • Hydrogen operated garbage collection trucks
  • Hydrogen operated delivery trucks
  • Stationary hydrogen based gensets
  • High redundancy battery supply of drilling machines

Aradex Fuel Cell Converter VP5000-DCDC200 Street Sweeper

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Weight75 kg
Dimensions41.4 × 52.9 × 27.1 cm
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      ARADEX is focused on high voltage drivetrains and DC/DC converters for mobile applications such as trucks or mobile working machines. For drivetrains we offer motors and inverters including technologies like VirtualSensor to support your added-value functions in your application. Our high voltage DC/DC converters are mainly used to connect a fuel cell to the HV-system and offer integrated PLC-functionality for optimum coworking with the fuel cell. Our typical power range of inverters and DC/DC cover applications from 50 to 1200kW and voltage up to 900VDC.

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