Testing of Fuel Cell System

by mPower Sp. z o.o.

  • Manufacturer-independent engineering
  • Design, prototyping and testing of fuel cell system
  • Sizing and storage optimization
  • Functional measurements of hydrogen systems
  • Operational and efficiency testing using high-end power analyzers
  • Experts in customization, control and power electronics
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Evaluation and testing of fuel cell system

  • mPower scope of operation includes building solutions based on customer documentation, including electronics, industrial electronics, power electronics, electrical machines, full drive systems and hydrogen systems
  • They offer automated production of electronics and power electronics
  • They use laser cutting of machine sheets, vacuum impregnation techniques, automated winding production systems and incremental techniques
  • Using advanced measurement and diagnostic equipment, mPower offers complex tests of solutions in simulated conditions, including:
    • Functional tests of electronics and power electronics,
    • Electric-thermal properties of power electronics solutions,
    • Dynamic properties of power electronics and drive solutions,
    • Measurements of efficiency maps,
    • Precise measurements of torques,
    • Power and efficiency of electric motors in a wide range of torques, speed and power,
    • Analysis of propulsion system responses to standard driving cycles (WLTP, SORT), diagnostics and,
    • Functional measurements of hydrogen systems

Key benefits

  • Manufacturer-independent engineering
  • Sizing and storage optimization
  • Operational and efficiency testing using high-end power analyzers
  • Optimal control software algorithms
  • Experts in customization control and power electronics
  • Full project & quality management
  • Brings years of experience working with hydrogen systems to your project

Application areas

  • Retrofitting projects for intralogistics equipment
  • Small scale fuel cell stationary systems for domestic applications
  • System sizing for communal vehicles and public transportation
  • Agricultural industry

Project areas

  • Development and construction of a integrated fuel cell system for Jungheinrich forklifts
  • Development and construction of a integrated fuel cell system for Linde forklifts
  • Development of a fuel cell system for a fuel cell van

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    mPower Sp. z o.o.

    mPower is an innovative tech company based in Szczecin. The main profile of operations of mPower’s is the development and implementation of innovative electronic and power electronic systems as well as complete drive systems for sustainable and zero-emission transport. mPower offers solutions with a high degree of technological advancement.

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