Hydrogen Twin Ferrule Fittings – Redfluid

by Redfluid SL

  • Customizable hydrogen twin ferrule fittings.
  • Designed for high performance.
  • Imperial and metric tubing sizes.
  • Special & custom sizes available in short delivery time.
  • Positive, reliable connections.
  • Tube fittings do not twist the tube during installation.
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Hydrogen twin ferrule fittings – Redfluid

  • Redfluid twin ferrule fitting consists of four precision engineered parts designed to provide secure leak proof joints capable of satisfying high pressure, vacuum and vibration applications.
  • Fittings are supplied complete and ready for use.
  • The front ferrule swages onto the tube as it moves down the cone of the body creating a pressure /vacuum-tight seal on both tube and body by the interface pressure and surface finish of mating components.
  • The Redfluid back ferrule then deforms inwards in the cone of the front ferrule, forming into the tube and creating a strong mechanical hold on the tube.
  • The internal diameter of the body and nut are closely controlled diameter which constrain the tube within a close tolerance of its axis ensuring accurate alignment within the assembled fitting.

Key Features

  • Redfluid tube fittings do not twist the tube during installation.
  • The fitting design ensures that all make, and remake loading is transmitted axially to the tube.
  • Fitting makes up is eased due to a silver plating of the tube nut threads, which acts as an effective lubricant and prevents galling.
  • In make-up there is no undue force in outward direction to distort the fitting body or ferrules to cause interference between the ferrules and the nut.
  • This assures that the nut will back off for disassembly and permits a greater number of end remarks.
  • Positive, reliable connections with Redfluid fittings have been qualified with exhaustive tests and experience in the manufacture of quality tube fittings.
  • Specific product features such as burnished cones for superior sealing and exacting manufacturing tolerance for consistent product quality, all contribute to the effective sealing of the Redfluid fittings in tests after repeated remakes.
  • Vibration and Impulse tests range prove outstanding sealing capability and fatigue resistance.
  • For critical applications, stainless steel Redfluid, fittings are manufactured as standard, with a unique heat code traceability number, on each individual fitting.
  • Upon request, full material documentation is available, tracing the stainless steel back to the original cast or melt.
  • Working pressure
    • Pressure ratings for double ferrule fittings are the same as for the connected pipe, provided they are ational thicknesses.
    • That is, the burst pressure of the connection is always greater than the burst pressure of the tube to which it is designed.
    • It is assumed that the pipes and fittings are fixed free of charge stresses and strains.
  • Temperature ranges
    • Steel temperature rating from -196ºC to + 649 ºC

Hydrogen Twin-ferrule-fitting-cross


  • Type 316/316L Stainless Steel: For stainless steel pipes.
  • Brass: For copper tubing. In installations with plastic tubing, nylon rings are required.
  • Materials available on request: Carbon steel, Morel, Hastelloy, Duplex, superduplex, Incorel.


  • Suitable for various hydrogen applications
  • Redfluid fitting has been specifically designed for use on instrumentation, process and control systems, together with equipment employed in chemical, chromatography, petroleum, power generation and pulp &paper plants.
  • Redfluid tube fitting has also found extensive applications in other fields, where a very high-quality tube fittings is required.

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Hydrogen Twin Ferrule Fittings- Redfluid

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