Fuel Cell Converter FCDC500 DC/DC

  • DC/DC converter with SiC technology specifically designed for fuel cell applications
  • Up to 180kW, depending on fuel cell voltage
  • ARADEX FPGA control
  • Fuel cell converter with high efficiency of 98.7% under typical working conditions
  • Wide range of fuel cell voltage
  • Compact: 530 mm x 560 mm x 120 mm
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Fuel Cell Converter FCDC500 DC/DC

  • Integrated fast PLC
    • The DC/DC has mostly the same software features as the well-known drive train inverters from ARADEX. Using a very fast integrated PLC the DC/DC converter can be adapted to almost each kind of fuel cell without using an additional external controller. The device can be extended with software modules written by customer.
  • Integrated storage oscilloscope
    • Due to the integrated FPGA functionality means that the sample frequency for voltage, current, power and other system variables is 80 kHz. Values can be displayed in our Analyzer software and exported to external systems. This functionality accelerates commissioning and service.
  • Combination of FPGA and DSP
    • Fast and smooth control of fuel cell current. Prepared for additional functions such as modulating fuel cell current for diagnostics.


  • SiC technology
  • ARADEX FPGA control
  • High efficiency, 98.7% under typical working conditions
  • Wide range of fuel cell voltage
  • Current upto 500A
  • Up to 180kW, depending on fuel cell voltage
  • High side voltage can be adjusted from 900VDC and down to 200 VDC on request
  • Dimensions: 530mm x 560mm x 120mm (without plugs and mounting brackets)
  • IP6K8 protection class
  • Coolant type: Water/glycol 50/50
  • Communication type: CAN, J1939, CANOpen optional
  • Auxiliary HV output: switched output relay + fuse

Efficiency values

Fuel Cell Converter FCDC500 DCDC Efficiency chart


  • Hydrogen based trucks and busses
  • Hydrogen based garbage collection vehicles
  • Road sweepers
  • All kind of mobile working machines with high energy demand

Use cases

  • Garbage collection trucks 26 ton
  • Busses 18 ton
  • Big delivery trucks 18-26 ton
  • Big dumper 286 ton

Fuel Cell Converter FCDC500 DCDC use cases

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Weight30 kg
Dimensions53 × 56 × 12 cm
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    ARADEX is focused on high voltage drivetrains and DC/DC converters for mobile applications such as trucks or mobile working machines. For drivetrains we offer motors and inverters including technologies like VirtualSensor to support your added-value functions in your application. Our high voltage DC/DC converters are mainly used to connect a fuel cell to the HV-system and offer integrated PLC-functionality for optimum coworking with the fuel cell. Our typical power range of inverters and DC/DC cover applications from 50 to 1200kW and voltage up to 900VDC.

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