PEM Electrolyser System - gEL1000 (5 MW)


  • A truly complete PEM electrolyser system with max. 90 kg/h H2 production rate including equipment & services
  • Hydrogen 5.0 purity (fuel cell grade) from tap water, AC and DC Power
  • Advanced automation to ensure fully automatic and control of the plant
  • CE certified configurable standard, containerized, outdoor, autonomous operation

PEM Electrolyser System - gEL1000 (5 MW)

A complete Hydrogen production plant solution is provided, including:

  • Electrolyser Equipment
    • Power to Gas Container with PEM stacks, H2 Process, Deoxo Dryer
    • Power Container with Transformer, Rectifier, Controls, water purification
    • Air/Water Re-Cooler for process & rectifiers
    • Chiller for gas cooling
    • Control system and interconnecting piping/cabling between Equipment
    • Options: heat recovery, active rectifier (IGBT) for power factor >0,98
  • Services for the complete supplied package
    • Document Package to support the permitting process
    • Project management / Engineering
    • Shipment (EXW, DPU on request)
    • Unloading / Positioning
    • Installation and interconnecting piping/cabling
    • Startup and commissioning and training

Service and Maintenance contract covering regular maintenance, remote support, spare parts management, connection to cloud system for continuous monitoring of system status

Key features

  • FEST Group combines decades of experience in automation, information technology, and equipment integration to provide fully integrated solutions.
  • FEST specializes in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolyzer systems, designed and pre-assembled in Germany.
  • FEST collaborates with Maximator and Maximator Hydrogen to supply and maintain hydrogen production and distribution equipment.
  • These services support the development of decentralized hydrogen infrastructure for a transition to renewable energy.
  • PEM electrolyser system gEL is the plant solution for decentralized hydrogen infrastructure:
    • A pre-assembled CE certified equipment solution for a fully integrated hydrogen production plant, including subsystems and services
    • The system requires connection of tap water, mid voltage (6-30kV) and 400V for outlet production of hydrogen with 99,999% purity
    • The system allows high partial load range 10-100%, for maximum utilization of available energy.

Application areas

“Hydrogen from the region, for the region” - The system for decentralized hydrogen infrastructure.

  • Hydrogen production
  • Industrial Processes
  • Mobility
  • Chemicals
  • Metallurgy
  • Semiconductor
  • Fuel Cells

Use cases

  • Infraserv Höchst (Frankfurt, Germany): 5MW (2,160kg/day) electrolyser system with train refueling equipment
  • Wiener Netze (Vienna, Austria): 3MW (1,300kg/day) electrolyser system for city bus refilling
  • Abo-Wind (Hünfeld, Germany): 5MW (2,160kg/day) electrolyser system to refuel commercial vehicles, buses, and supply other commercial customers in the region

PEM Electrolyser System FEST Group - Use Case

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FEST GmbH, based in Goslar in the Harz Mountains, develops forward-looking electrolysis technology and hydrogen infrastructures. Our expertise is based on 50 years of experience in the electrification, automation and digitalization of industrial processes. We have been established for many years as an experienced partner for process automation in the industry. In addition to expertise and experience, the drive for innovation and technical perfection continuously drives our company and its employees forward. We offer individual and holistic automation approaches including drive technology, energy solutions and IT integration. In doing so, we offer complex solutions for industrial plant engineering as fully integrated Industry 4.0 projects. Based on the knowledge and experience gained from global plant engineering and industrial production, complete energy solutions are implemented with hydrogen as an energy source: plants for water electrolysis and H2 generation, H2 transport and storage up to commercial H2 refueling systems for land and water vehicles or for the industrial use of hydrogen. We offer the entire range of services: from design, planning and production to turnkey construction and maintenance of plants.

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