Hydrogen Fueling Nozzles

Find and compare hydrogen fueling nozzles from leading B2B suppliers using technical specifications. These nozzles are required to connect the hydrogen refueling station with fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) to refill the vehicles storage system with hydrogen. Hydrogen stations operate at different pressures, such as 250 bar (25 MPa), 350 bar (35 MPa) or 700 bar (70 MPa) pressure. H70 stands for refueling with 700 bar and H35 stands for refueling with 350 bar. Depending on the use case, hydrogen fueling nozzles have a data interface (KTL, NEC, ATEX) and have an exchangeable nozzle receiver. Application areas are hydrogen re-filling of passenger cars, busses, trucks and vehicles in the material handling sector, such as lift trucks.

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