Steven Oji

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Hyfindr GmbH


Steven is an Engineer, Technology and Computer enthusiast who has been responsible for the development of fuel cell systems and other complex technological projects for many years. In the last 20 he has held leading positions in technology, business and legal functions and is prepared to engage at all levels.

With a deep passion for hydrogen and how it can help solve the worlds emission problems he is on a mission to make it work. Steven holds cum laude diplomas in Engineering & Management from Hamburg University of Technology, the University of Technology Sydney and from the University of Augsburg.

In 2021, Steven Oji founded the company Hyfindr together with Dr. Björn Lüssow.




  • Engineering / Fuel Cell Systems / Computer Science

  • Leadership / Business Innovation

  • Solving Energy Challenges around the world


  • 20+ years building teams in a global environment

  • 15+ years engineer and manager in automotive industry

  • 6+ years legal and compliance operations


  • Engineering & Computer Science
  • Business Administration/Management
  • Legal & Compliance Management

Fun Facts

  • Family, CrossFit, Rotary International

Contact Details

  • Tel: +49-711-21720875
  • Email:


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