Hyfindr Tech Community – we have just started!

Get help, help others, let’s grow the hydrogen economy together!

The Hyfindr Tech Community is your hydrogen community!

Community purpose

Our members are driven to solve technical challenges. They take pride in answering technical questions of other members. They are driven to help the hydrogen economy grow better and faster.

Get help – you easily ask questions relating to the technology, markets or development. The community will help you.

Help others – our members help other freely with their knowledge as they benefit for the supporting attitude of others.

Grow the hydrogen and fuel cell economy – our members are inspired to see the hydrogen economy grow and they that they can play an active role in maturing that industry.

We believe a thriving hydrogen community with the right mindset is a powerful tool

Q&A Format. We have designed the HTC to focus on submitting questions and receiving answer. We do not want to do everything. We want to answer questions members may help. Make sure that you answer specific questions and when replying to such answer to to help the member with a high quality answer.

Community Intelligence. Nobody knows everything. But – all know everything. With growing numbers of members there is a higher likelihood that somebody in the community has the right expertise to answer the one questions.

Your commitments as a member

Supporting – I help other community members freely and do not expect a return.

Sharing – I am willing to share my knowledge.

No spamming – I do not spam others.

No marketing – I do not aim to use the community for marketing of my products or services.

Respectful – I only contact members outside the community after they have agreed to it.

Being kind – I am polite and not aggressive even if I disagree with the views of others.


As a member, I understand that the moderators will monitor my compliance with these commitments and do have the right to take measures, e.g. such as reminding me about my commitments or blocking me from using the community in case of violations.

We have just started – become a founding member!

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