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De Huufkes 52,5674 TM NUENEN,Netherlands

Torus Cooling is an innovative company supplying solutions for cooling of hydrogen at HRS (Hydrogen Refuelling Stations, SAE 2601 H70-H40). Our innovations originate from the search for our customers in lowering energy consumption, keeping the integrity of their tubing while cooling their product (for i.e. pressure, non-homogenic or sanitary reasons), a low ΔT (temperature cooling ≈ temperature out, so a far lower energy consumption) and a compact build. Besides cooling of hydrogen, our products are being used in chemical, food and pharma applications with lower TCO a dominant reason for choosing for the Torus Cooling solutions. Torus Cooling has patents set for its Hydrogen Heat Exchanger technology and among others patents pending on both pressurized gaseous hydrogen and low pressurized liquid (cryogenic) hydrogen, i.e. applicable in aerospace applications.

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