Logo-Laufenberg-Hyfindr Laufenberg GmbH
Krüserstraße 2,47839 Krefeld,Germany

Laufenberg develops and produces catalyst coated membranes (CCM) and reinforced silicone flat gaskets for hydrogen applications.

Laufenberg GmbH is a well-known coating company in the segment of release liners. In our business segment "Coated Fuel Cell Components" we offer customized and also standardized materials (primarily for use in PEM fuel cells) with our existing coating expertise.
As components for the MEA assembly Laufenberg offers CCM's for automotive or heavy-duty applications. Besides one standard each, we focus on customer-oriented development and also develop CCM's for customer specific requests.

In addition, our innovative reinforced silicone flat seal with PET core is already used in the market for stack assembly. Besides the standard PET-core, we can also use other carrier materials and adjust the layer thicknesses as well as other dimensions individually to customer requirements

Our offerings

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