Logo von Kustec - Cooling for a green tuture KUSTEC Kaelte- und Systemtechnik GmbH
Strassfeld 5,3441 Freundorf,Austria www.kustec.at

KUSTEC, officially named as Kälte- und Systemetechnik GmbH, is based on the outskirts of Vienna, in Freundorf, Austria, where all the innovation happens, while an office is located in Colorado, USA. Since 2008, KUSTEC provides hydrogen cooling solutions for a total of more than 250 Hydrogen Refuelling Stations across the globe. Worldwide partnerships allow excellent customer support. Our motivation is to customize hydrogen cooling solutions to fulfill hydrogen station needs, innovate highly efficient systems with low energy consumption and focus on developing systems with low Global Warming Potential. Before delivery, every system is tested under extreme conditions to ensure it delivers the designed criteria. Please also see our company presentation.

Our offerings

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