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JUMO GmbH & Co. KG, Moritz-Juchheim-Straße 1,36039 Fulda,Germany

JUMO is one of the the world's leading suppliers of measurement, control and automation solutions for industry. We offer automation components and systems for industries that plan, build, maintain and optimize machines. We also focus on automation challenges such as recording, monitoring, control and automation.  JUMO made its market debut more than 70 years ago. In its early days, it concentrated on the production of industrial glass thermometers - today it provides complete measuring chains. We are focused on long-term growth and have concentrated on the high-tech sector and the industries of the future: environmental protection, electric cars and intelligent machine automation. JUMO acknowledges the importance of a sustained hydrogen economy and contributes to the energy transition with its products and technologies. JUMO sensor, automation and engineering solutions are already supporting customers in the hydrogen economy, including manufacturers of fuel cell stacks.

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