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HOERBIGER Elektronik GmbH
Justinus-Kerner-Straße 7,72119 Ammerbuch,Germany

HOERBIGER is active throughout the world in the oil, gas, and process industries, in the automotive industry, and in safety solutions. In 2020, its 5,849 employees achieved sales of 1.130 billion euros in 123 locations and 40 countries. Our products and services are used in reciprocating compressors, gas flow control units, vehicle transmissions, gas-powered engines, automobile hydraulics, and comprehensive explosion protection solutions. It is our shared ambition to deliver excellence for our customers. As a result, we create an environment which allows our employees to develop their full potential and demonstrate initiative: people and success go hand in hand at HOERBIGER. We are offering innovation hydrogen refueling solutions like the refueling data interface (RDI) for fast and reliable refilling of hydrogen vehicles and trains.

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