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EH-GOUP-Black on white EH Group Engineering AG
Chemin de la Vuarpilliere 27,1260 Nyon,Switzerland

Established in Switzerland since 2017, EH Group Engineering AG is focused on the development and production of its innovative and patented hydrogen fuel cell technology. It offers market leading power density, simplified system architecture for higher efficiencies and scalable fuel cell production method that significantly reduces costs.
EH Group FC stacks and systems are in the range of 1kW-250kW on a single stack platform or higher by combination of more systems. Due to its extreme compactness, EH Group's Fuel Cell technology is an ideal candidate for mobile applications where weight and volume reduction are two key criteria. EH Group product offerings can also be deployed in stationary applications such as large-backup power, micro-grids, data centers, etc.

Our offerings

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