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Am Hühnerbusch 10, 67688 Rodenbach, Germany +4915254060385

Combicore casting cores create cooling channels and cavities for other functions in cast parts, such as cooling plates, converters and battery housings. Combicore cores are extremely stable and can be used reliably in all casting processes, especially in light metal die casting with casting pressures over 1000 bar. Combicore is the leading manufacturer of innovative casting cores for high pressure die casting with decades of experience. For the implementation of efficient channel geometries, designers have a great design freedom. In this way, innovative, near-net-shape cast parts and therefore very light components are created. This saves material and conserves resources also in later operation. In shaping technology, we work with tubes, wires and sheet metal and connect them to complex assemblies using suitable joining processes. Thanks to sophisticated automation systems, we can easily handle high production volumes and offer them at a very competitive price. We manufacture in Germany and work with partners around the world.

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