Plug & Drive H2 Storage System – 700bar

by Voith Group

  • Plug & Drive H2 Storage System: complete system from tank nozzle to fuel cell or H2 ICE inlet.
  • Designed for heavy commercial vehicles
  • With towpreg winding technology allow for up to 1000 km
  • Fast refueling
  • Automotive Tank Control Unit
  • Modular technology platform
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Plug & Drive H2 Storage System – 700bar

  • Voith 700 bar Plug & Drive Hydrogen Storage System (56 kg H2 capacity)
    • 700 bar hydrogen storage system for “behind the cab” installation for heavy duty trucks – also side tank systems possible.
    • 4x Voith full scale Type IV pressure tanks made with towpreg winding technology for highest gravimetric densities and in automotive quality.
    • Complete H2 periphery including vales, pressure regulator, receptacles, pipes, and filters.
    • Automotive Tank Control Unit (TCU) with software, sensors, cables as well as refueling communication interface complying to functional safety (ISO 26262) and cybersecurity (ISO 21434) standards.
    • Mechanical structure to hold the tanks and attach the rack to the vehicle chassis.
    • System approach allows for easy vehicle integration due to only three interfaces (mechanical adaption to chassis, hydrogen to power unit and information to vehicle control unit).
    • Extendable to up to 8 tanks (112 kg of hydrogen) in total.
    • Certification for road approval according to global standards UN-ECE R134 (in 2023) and HGV-2.

Plug & Drive_H2 Storage System


Key features

  • “Plug & Drive” solution: Complete System from receptacle to fuel cell or H2-ICE inlet.
  • 700 bar Type IV tanks made with towpreg winding in automotive quality for max. performance, durability and safety.
  • Slim and lightweight structure for efficient behind the cab installation in heavy duty commercial vehicles.
  • Automotive Tank Control Unit with various safety features for optimal system performance.
  • Designed for high flow refueling for fast refills as well as compliance with existing 350 bar refueling protocols for max. flexibility.
  • Modular technology platforms can be adapted to individual needs e.g. by adding additional tanks.
  • Capacity (in kg H2):
    • 56 (the “core” with 4 tanks)
    • 112 (with an additional subscale tank and one full scale tank)
  • Certification according to UN-ECE R134 (in 2023) and HGV-2.


  • Optimized system layout for heavy duty trucks.
  • The modular platform allows for various applications such as busses, construction and mining vehicles, agricultural vehicles, ferries, trains as well as refueling stations or gensets.

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Weight982 kg
Dimensions235 × 242 × 60 cm
Max Storage (in kg H2)

Nom. Oper. Pressure (in bar)

Compliant with


Manufacturing Readiness (MRL)

Technology Readiness (TRL)


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