Hydrogen Storage System H2Max Pods

by Advanced Structural Technologies, Inc.

  • Each H2Max pod contains 9 hydrogen cylinders
  • Each hydrogen pod contains maximum 154.8 kg hydrogen
  • Hydrogen storage system contains type 3 cylinders, which enable fast and complete filling
  • 100% useable storage volume; empties completely – no residual hydrogen
  • Vertical compact modular design allows for full accessibility, easy service and maintenance
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Hydrogen storage system H2Max pods

  • H2MAX cylinders are designed for hydrogen storage in various applications for zero emission and sustainable mobility solutions with service pressure of 350 and 517 bar (5,076 and 7,500 psi).
  • The large diameter and volume of this hydrogen starage system allows for fewer valves and PRDs, thereby reducing the number of fittings and connections and minimizing potential leak points.
  • For maximum safety and storage capacity, AST manufactures pressure vessels using its own unique flow-formed forged liner technology.

Key features

  • Self-contained pods with valve, connections and manifold
  • Maximum scalability for your unique storage requirement (Connect 1 to 5 pods)
  • 100% useable storage volume; empties completely – no residual hydrogen
  • High temperature resistant cylinders
  • Variation of pods or complete pod/trailer assemblies available
  • Pods are sized to fit in standard containers



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Application areas

  • H2 producers
    • Lower weight than competing products
    • Complete trailer solutions for storage & transport
  • H2 equipment providers
    • AST’s system serves as remote backup power supply
    • Scalable to suit space restrictions for onsite storage
  • Gas transport
    • Modular configurations allow for maximum flexibility
    • More hydrogen stored per lbs
  • Fleet operations
    • Customized refueling
    • Scalable to fleet size Pod and/or trailer solutions

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  • Please refer the datasheet for multiple pods specifications and by pooling our experience, knowledge and technology, we are able to meet your requirements with precision.
Dimensions243.84 × 243.84 × 248.92 cm
Volume Water equival. (in L)

Nom. Oper. Pressure (in bar)

AST Hydrogen Storage System H2Max Pods

Product datasheet

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      Advanced Structural Technologies, Inc.

      Advanced Structural Technologies, Inc. (AST) is a world-leading manufacturer, specializing in rotary forging, metal spinning, and flowforming aluminum and other alloys into complex shapes.
      With locations in Camarillo and Oxnard, California, AST has over 150,000 sq ft of manufacturing facilities. With over 20 years of experience, AST is a world leader in space/aerospace, and forged wheels for the automotive aftermarket and military wheel applications. 
      Using its vast experience and knowledge in metalforming, AST has expanded into the alternative energy market with seamless, customizable diameter liners/cylinders. Known for its expertise in forging complex shapes that are one-piece, AST products are used by world-renown companies for their various applications. 

      Expanding into Alternative Energy, AST is introducing H2-MAX, the largest diameter Type III cylinder for hydrogen applications in the market. H2-MAX is a seamless, one-piece aluminum liner suited for hydrogen storage and transport in rugged environments, and ideal for compressed cyrogenic applications: Offroad, Mining, Construction, Marine, Rail Applications.

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