Light Duty Hydrogen Refueling Station Geno L1000

by Haskel Inc.

  • Light duty hydrogen refueling station for or back-to-back refueling
  • Fast and efficient refueling up to 1000kg/day
  • 700bar or dual pressure dispensing
  • With add on systems such as point of sale and fuel management system
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Light duty hydrogen refueling station Geno L1000

  • Geno hydrogen refueling station uses Haskel’s proven H-Drive hydraulic compressor technology to service large heavy-duty applications for fast and back-to-back refueling.
  • It offers a total system package, including air supply and mass flow metering, to track dispensing of fuel through a fuel management system, as well as enhanced safety features.
  • It is designed to maintain hydrogen gas purity for optimum fuel cell performance and station reliability.
  • It is simple to deploy and maintain and offers a fast, efficient and safe filling experience.
  • With a standardized, modular design, Geno can be scaled as needed.
  • It is available in various models depending on the required hydrogen output (kg) per day: Geno L100, Geno L200, Geno L400, Geno L1000.
  • The stations can take hydrogen from various sources such as electrolysis, storage or tube trailer, and dispense at 700bar.
  • Dual pressure dispensing is also available for a range of vehicles including HGV’s, buses, cars and trains.
  • Geno comes with three dispenser options: ‘E’ dispenser, Column dispenser, Integrated dispenser.

Key features

  • Innovative compression solutions
  • Energy efficient design
  • Flexible hydrogen supply
  • Modular design with expandable capacity
  • Contactless credit card payment systems
  • Lower cost per kg hydrogen dispensed
  • Fully J2601 complaint stations
  • Fast and efficient refueling up to 1000kg/day
  • Containerized solution 20ft or 40ft
  • Supports various gas inlet such as on-site storage, electrolysis or tube trailer system
  • Installation, maintenance and service support packages
  • Four dispensing positions
  • 1600 vehicles per day

Application areas

  • Heavy duty vehicles – trucks and HGVs
  • Buses
  • Light duty passenger vehicles – cars and vans
  • High volume materials handling equipment

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Light Duty Hydrogen Refueling Station Geno B1200

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      We manufacture a full range of hydrogen handling equipment, including compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic-driven gas boosters, high-pressure valves and fittings and other system components. All of which use specific materials designed for hydrogen use based on pressure and flow requirements to address embrittlement issues metals face when exposed to a hydrogen environment.
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